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All is change, nothing stays the same for long and outdoor equipment is no exception and yet, like the yurt or ger in Mongolia, the basic design of the contemporary expedition tent has not changed for thousands of years!

In pre historic times, nomadic hunter’s gathers sometimes travelled hundreds of miles from home in search of food, this way, they were forced to build temporary overnight accommodation to protect themselves and survive. At first, they made do with what they find at their feet, branches, leaves, rocks, clay earth.

But then someone realized that dried animals hides provided even better protection against rain and wind

Eventually these temporary shelters evolved with the portable nomadic tents we still see today, such as the tuqup of the inumit made from seal or caribou skin or the native America Tipi, made from water resistant bison hide.

The fact that the tent is still in use after so many centuries, its basic form hardly had changed. It was brilliant invention, an ingenious concept providing rapid protection against the elements and easily dismantled when it was time to move on.

The Greeks and Romans perfected the tents during their long year of war.

The Greeks army used small dome leathers structures while the Romans developed a canvas tents structured between poles, hence its presents-day name derived from the latin tendered, meaning “to stretch”

Canvas a heavy duty fabric work for Flax, Lemp, Jute, Zime or cotton would be in use for hundreds of year. It was very strong, but much more breathable than animal hide or light weight fabrics such as nylon and polyester was replaced and finally stored away  

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